Learn how simple the game really is.

My online academy is different than other online coaching sites. I don't try to force you to play or swing one way. I give you options that will broaden your mind and encourage your growth as a player. You will see how simple that game truly is through different ideas and philosophies. 

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Courses Available In The Academy

There is a course, program and lesson series for everyone and every part of the game.


This course is specifically designed for brand new golfers and will cover EVERY area of starting out. 

Full Swing Overview

You will begin to get an understanding of how the body and club move naturally around the body.


This course covers all the approaches used on the putting green. You will know them all.


You will learn the most effective approaches and techniques for chipping to get up and down.


Here you will learn how to move the body correctly as well as correct club movement. This is where the full swing begins.

Different Approaches

This course covers all the information out there good and bad to help you understand what will and won't work for you.

Swing Fault Drills

This course is all about the drills to help you develop the proper skills and eliminate the bad habits that are hurting your game. 

Development Programs

This course plays off of the swing fault and swing overview course. It will help you progress at your own pace.

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Todd Heugly, PGA

Not many people know this about Todd, but he is also a writer. He is in the process of writing a new instructional book that reinforces his instructional philosophy and approach to the game. It covers every area of the game in a simple and straight forward manner designed to help clear up any misinformation. It will be an invaluable tool and a great read. Be on the lookout it is set to release sometime in the early spring.



More Information To Come

Be on the lookout for updates and sneak peeks.


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