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Hi The Wasatch Golf Academy is a leader in online and on course instruction. The Complete Game Blueprint is one of the best learning platforms available with simple and proven coaching. The Complete Game Blueprint contains videos, drills, mental training, scoring programs and more. Not only will your golf game improve dramatically your overall everyday life will improve due to confidence courses.

I teach and live by a couple themes. Golf, Life, Passion and Motivate, Grow, Live. Those themes are part of my coaching and day to day interactions. I have countless testimonials from golfers saying not only did their golf games improve dramatically so did their everyday lives. That is what my coaching is all about.

Complete Game Blueprint

In the Complete Game Blueprint I have laid out a game plan for every golfer. There is a plan for every area of your game.

The blueprint will cover the full swing, short game, mental development, on course strategy, driving, iron play, junior development and more.

Over the past few years I have become an expert in online coaching and private lessons. My students have vastly improved and the majority combine the Complete Game Blueprint with private coaching. That has become an invaluable combination.

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Youth Coaching

The Wasatch Golf Academy has become a leader in online and one on one youth golf instruction. The programs developed help juniors of all ages not only improve their golfing ability, but their self esteem and confidence off the course.

The programs taught online will help parents coach their kids during the colder months and throughout the golfing season by keeping them focused and on track. The best combination is the Complete Game Blueprint and one on one coaching. That way your junior golfer will reach their golfing potential.

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Adult Coaching

WThe Wasatch Golf Academy's online and private lesson presence has grown significantly among adult students. Not only are local students shooting the best scores of their lives golfers from around the country are flying in for private lessons and on course training.

Again the combination of the Complete Game Blueprint and private coaching has proven to be the most effective approach and pathway for adult students. Golfers across the world are improving due to the Complete Game Blueprint and so are their day to day lives. 

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Everything About Golf And Life

There are so many things to talk about when it comes to the game of golf and life. Not only have I become an expert in golf instruction I have become an expert in motivation, how to become passionate about golf, life, changing destructive habits and gaining confidence.


"Todd is changing golf instruction. He truly gets it." - Richard H.

"I will be the first to tell you I haven't invented anything new when it comes to the golf swing. Physics and the natural forces that make a golf swing work have always existed. What I feel I do well and what separates me as an instructor is the simplicity of my coaching. I teach people how to maximize their physical capabilities and swing the club efficiently for them. Golfers inherently know how to swing a club, but there is too much conflicting and destructive information out there. My approach has become very popular and my online academy has taken off over the past year. It is such an effective instructional program and my members love it." - Todd H.  

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