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There are numerous learning pathways on this website that are based on simplicity, physics and natural body movement. Here is a look at the programs inside when you become a member.

  1. The Wasatch Golf Academy: This a multi-tier program that is designed to guide you through the sport in a step-by-step basis. It doesn't matter your ability level you can move through this section at your own pace. The first tier is all about the the basics and understanding the game. You will start from the green and move back to the tee. As your knowledge and ability improves you will move onto more advanced tiers. That is what The Wasatch Golf Academy  is all about!
  2. Which Theory Is For You: This is where the learning curve steps up a notch with a few of Todd's most successful approaches. Some are traditional others are outside of the box theories that have appealed to players across the world. It is time to focus and get to work.
  3. What's Your Problem: This section is all about solving the biggest issues that plague golfers year in and year out. You will understand each swing fault that may apply to you and have the corresponding drill to fix it. 
  4. Coaching Plans: Throughout the year different coaching plans will be implemented covering a wide range of topics. The variation of each programs can be one week up to 6 weeks.

On average members of the website drop their scores by 10-15 strokes.

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Online Coaching

Todd's online coaching has helped 1000's of players across the world shoot better scores and enjoy the game more. 

In the process he has become a role model and a life coach for many local and online students. He offers numerous programs, theories and training so golfers can progress at their own pace. There is more than one way to play this wonderful game. His natural talent teaching has taken off. It is only $9.99 a month with a 7 day free trial.

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Private Lessons

Todd teaches private lessons at Crane Field and Remuda golf courses. He is the PGA Professional at both locations and is sought out by players across the country. His private lessons are extremely popular and include video analysis, launch monitor analysis, on course coaching and a follow up game plan.

He has produced high level junior and adult players. He has students playing professionally, at the collegiate level and national junior tournaments.

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Todd conducts clinics across the country including Texas, California, New York, Florida, Utah and this year out of country. 

Saturday mornings he conducts clinics at either CraneField or Remuda depending on the week. He also teaches a Spring Break Camp for beginner juniors and a PGA Sponsored Summer Camp for juniors ranging from beginners to high level players. He also teaches Club 99 the best women's instructional program in the state. 

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“Todd’s outside of the box thinking and how he coaches is perfect. The difference he has made in my game and my team’s is incredible!” - David P.

"My coaching is based around the golfer swinging the club head, trusting their natural athletic instincts and using their hands to deliver to club head into the ball. My coaching goes against the grain of current instruction and that is a big reason why my website and lesson schedule has exploded. I teach golfers how to use their bodies correctly as a stabilizer allowing momentum and centripetal force to help them swing the club. I have developed a very effective approach and program for every level of player.” - Todd H.  

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