The Wasatch Golf Academy

“I started the Wasatch Golf Academy to help golfers avoid the pitfalls and struggles I went through. I didn’t pick up a club until I graduated high school but was instantly hooked. I became a good player fairly quickly through some unique thoughts and approaches. But I wanted to be great and in my pursuit of getting there I became worse, significantly worse. I tried everything, the “new” fad swings, random tips, books, golf magazines, dvds, videos, training aids and finally lessons. I wasn’t educated enough about the learning process or the game to truly improve. Practicing as hard as I could and spending hours on the range was getting me nowhere. It was the most frustrating experience I’ve ever been through and I want to save others from going through that. My philosophy is based around simplicity, natural movement and trusting our athletic instincts.” - Todd Heugly


"Todd has been working with my 8 year old son for 6 months and his growth has been exponential! Todd makes lessons fun. He is able to break down complex tasks into simple foundational skills that my kid understood, picked up on quickly and is now excelling!"

Theresa M.
Occupational Therapist

"Madalyn has been working with Todd for 3 years. Todd’s process of teaching and explaining the golf swing is easy for Madalyn to understand and to apply. In the 3 years that Madalyn has been with Todd she has won numerous Jr tournaments and awards in the UJGA, Utah Jr PGA and Drive Chip and Putt. Her confidence and respect for the game has grown as well. I have other parents and tournament staff complement Madalyn on her swing and how much she has improved over the years."

Lynn H.
Business Professional

"I play a lot of golf in my line of work and decided I needed a coach. I heard Todd was the best and he truly is. I’ve found that very few people or things live up to the hype but he surpasses the hype. I improved within a week of doing the drills he gave me. I will recommend him to anyone."

Jeremy C.
Real Estate

"I have been taking lessons from Todd for 2 years and went from shooting 105 to low 80’s. His coaching is fun, smart, professional and worth every penny. He is incredible and my husband takes lessons from him now."

Susan L.

"My golf game has improved immensely ever since i came to Todd. His simplicity and expertise of the golf swing is what helped me place in the top 10 at state in the 6A division. Todd is great at making the golf swing simple and easy for me to understand. I owe all of my success to Todd!"

Abbi C.
High School Student/Collegiate Player

"I was very impressed with Todd. I could tell he was very intelligent in our first 10 minutes, but he used simple every day terms to teach. I appreciated that because some coaches are over the top with terms. The program he gave me rejuvenated my passion and I was excited to practice efficiently. I lowered my handicap to scratch playing out of Valley View are great and difficult course in Layton, Utah. In my opinion he is the greatest. He was going through a lot of health stuff so I signed for online lessons and they have been just as good. I highly recommend him."

Patrick S.
Tax Attorney

""I came to Todd because I lost my game. Within two lessons I was back to my old self with some major upgrades. I was longer, more confident and fearless. He gave me back my competitive fire and I can't thank him enough. He will be my coach the rest of my life.""

Ashley W.
Golf Professional

""I conduct a lot of business on the golf course and I was tired of being embarrassed all the time. I had been to all the big schools with the big time names, but I never improved. A friend recommenced Todd and I said what the heck. I flew in from Michigan for a 3 day school and it was the greatest experience of my golfing life. I am a different person and a different player. I am a very consistent ball striker, more short game is sharp and my confidence is sky high. I know I can beat anyone and my clients have noticed the change. They are all members of Todd's website now. We call ourselves the Wasatch Golf Gang. We have even started to compete in more national amateur events managing to win a few. I and we can't thank Todd enough!" "

Shaun W.
General Manager

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