Free up your swing


Over the past couple of months I’ve been coaching my students and online academy members  to free their swings up. Let the swing feel longer and more relaxed with less thought on technique and positions. Well the results have been incredible!

I have a few different approaches that I teach and they all build a very solid foundation that every student understands. Once the student understands their athletic personality and the foundation of their swing I coach them to “let it go”. It is time to turn it loose and to “feel free and relaxed as they swing the clubhead”. It has been incredible to watch their growth as players and enjoyment of the game knowing they will always have a solid foundation and a free swing.

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Baseball Golf


The foundation of the golf swing is the L to L swing theory. That theory has transformed countless golfers into consistent players and shot makers. The baseball golf theory is an extension of the L to L that allows you to master your pitching, lengthen out your swing, add more speed and free up your body movement. I have seen incredible results across the country when golfers master the L to L and then move onto the baseball golf approach. I have laid out a program that starts with simple shots, progresses to pitching, moves onto L to L and finally into baseball golf. This program trains you in a way that leaves no holes in your swing and will make you better fast when you follow the program. If, you are a member of my online academy get after it. If, you aren't join today and start improving today!!

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L to L - The Foundation


Over the past few years I have watched countless students transform themselves into consistent and powerful ball strikers as well as scoring machines. Their confidence has skyrocketed playing fearless and pain free golf. That is all due to learning the L to L foundation correctly. I feel I have mastered how to teach and implement this foundation into any golfer regardless of their experience, age or ability level. My online academy has a complete section dedicated to this foundation and those members who are utilizing it and practicing in a disciplined are improving quickly. Pure and simple this foundation will make you better.

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Tempo and Rhythm


Understanding tempo and rhythm is essential to playing great golf.

Tempo is the speed in which we swing and rhythm is the sequencing of our hands, arms and body throughout the swing. Beginners, intermediate and high handicap players struggle with tempo and rhythm. When you watch the best players in the world especially LPGA players their swings have perfect rhythm matching up with their tempo. 

I urge all players to perfect their rhythm and maintain a consistent tempo. Mastering yout tempo and rhythm will make the game much easier.

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Overly Complicated Instruction Is Ruining Golfers And The Industry


If you don’t understand what in the heck your instructor is talking about or what a YouTube video is trying to teach you then block it out. Overly complicated instruction IS ruining your game, confidence and enjoyment. Simple and straightforward always beats complicated!!

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Float Golf!


I am beyond excited about this approach and the results it produced this year. 20 players volunteered to adopt this method, practice routines and strategy and their results were incredible(I know I've used that word a lot). This approach simplifies the mechanics of the swing, protects the body, and eliminates swing faults with instant feedback. I can't wait for players across the country to adopt this approach!

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Swing By The Hour Works!!

“A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream.” - Herm Edwards

I've never met a golfer who doesn’t want to hit the ball better, shoot lower scores and enjoy their time on the course more. The only problem is the majority of golfers don’t have a game plan for that type of improvement. They implement a tip they picked up from a random person, a golf magazine or a playing partner that leads to more frustration and higher scores. It seems golfers wanting to improve are on a continuous roller coaster of band-aids, bad tips that don’t apply to them and frustration. Here is where my Swing By The Hour system comes in.

I designed this system to help EVERYONE! It doesn't matter a players ability level or age it will make them better and that is exactly what is happening! Read what subscribers and students are saying:

”This system is incredible! It simplified everything and gave me a plan to improve. I was hitting the ball better after one week of...

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Swing the clubhead and quit dragging the handle


In this video I explain my "Swing By The Hour" philosophy that has become so effective and popular over the past year. My entire goal is to make learning the game of golf simple and to clear up all the garbage information available. My entire approach is based upon physics, how the body moves and utilizing a golfers individual athletic personality.  Golfers must focus on controlling the clubhead, sequencing the hands and arms, as well as swinging in control. When those three factors are mastered lower scores follow and so does more enjoyment out on the course.

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