Conflicting Advice And Tips

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2018

Hands down one of the biggest frustrations I have as a PGA instructor is conflicting advice from outside sources.

I have spent a lot of time and money studying, attending pga seminars, teaching workshops, swing mechanics workshops, physiology classes and golf psychology seminars. I sacrifice my personal down time studying physics, how the mind works and the science of being a top instructor. I wear multiple hats with numerous students from coach, educator, psychologist, fitness trainer, listener and teacher. I’ve trained to be an expert and just when you see a student starting to turn the corner and get on the right track outside “advice” or “coaching” comes along and ruins their progress. 

That advice or help is always well intended but it is such a destructive force that it can ruin a golfers confidence and complete game. I see it week in and week out and for some reason golfers think they can offer advice to anyone when they...

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Don’t Beat Yourself Mentally: Expectations vs Goals

When I finish teaching I always go into the pro shops and talk to the golfers who come out to play. Of course the topic of how they are playing comes up and I always hear “I expect to shoot below par today.” Or “I should be shooting in the 70’s with how much I practice and play.” Or “I’m feeling it I know a good score is coming today.” 

I always say great now get out there and get it done. When I see them after their round they are discouraged and frustrated because they didn’t meet their expectations. I ask them a few simple questions “What if you would have set a goal of focusing on each shot and not score?”, or “Trying to play mini 3 hole tournaments and shoot even par?”

They always say they never thought about things like that and that they always put expectations on themselves. Then we talk about the unnecessary pressure that puts on them and it gets in the way of their...

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Forget Swing Plane! Think Swing Arc, Clubhead and Hand Path

Swing Plane vs Swing Arc, Clubhead and Hand Path.

I came from the school of swing plane and that a swing must be on plane to work. That the handle of the club must point at the ball at the halfway back position and at the halfway down position. Also it must be in line with the trail forearm. To make it even better it must be parallel with the original shaft angle at address in the backswing at some point. It took a lot of convincing and evidence to make me understand and change my perspective.

Now the more I have studied the swing, interacted face to face, worked with and debated top instructors, PhD’s in biomechanics and kinesiology; I have learned that swing plane is just a term that came about who knows when. There is no true definition of swing plane in the golf swing and those that chase an “on plane” swing often don’t understand what they are trying to achieve. They are forced to make unnecessary manipulations to hit the ball. The true focus should...

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Tempo and Rhythm


Understanding tempo and rhythm is essential to playing great golf.

Tempo is the speed in which we swing and rhythm is the sequencing of our hands, arms and body throughout the swing. Beginners, intermediate and high handicap players struggle with tempo and rhythm. When you watch the best players in the world especially LPGA players their swings have perfect rhythm matching up with their tempo. 

I urge all players to perfect their rhythm and maintain a consistent tempo. Mastering yout tempo and rhythm will make the game much easier.

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Swing By The Hour Works!!

“A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream.” - Herm Edwards

I've never met a golfer who doesn’t want to hit the ball better, shoot lower scores and enjoy their time on the course more. The only problem is the majority of golfers don’t have a game plan for that type of improvement. They implement a tip they picked up from a random person, a golf magazine or a playing partner that leads to more frustration and higher scores. It seems golfers wanting to improve are on a continuous roller coaster of band-aids, bad tips that don’t apply to them and frustration. Here is where my Swing By The Hour system comes in.

I designed this system to help EVERYONE! It doesn't matter a players ability level or age it will make them better and that is exactly what is happening! Read what subscribers and students are saying:

”This system is incredible! It simplified everything and gave me a plan to improve. I was hitting the ball better after one week of...

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Swing the clubhead and quit dragging the handle


In this video I explain my "Swing By The Hour" philosophy that has become so effective and popular over the past year. My entire goal is to make learning the game of golf simple and to clear up all the garbage information available. My entire approach is based upon physics, how the body moves and utilizing a golfers individual athletic personality.  Golfers must focus on controlling the clubhead, sequencing the hands and arms, as well as swinging in control. When those three factors are mastered lower scores follow and so does more enjoyment out on the course.

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