Overly Complicated Instruction Has To Go

Jun 26, 2019

Why has golf instruction become so complicated? I ask this question to myself constantly when I see a video, read a new article, take a lesson(I love taking lessons for perspective and methodology)or over hear information being told to a student. I would hazard a guess 90% of instruction is way too complicated or is tedible information. The cliched information and crazy complicated coaching has to go. The video attached to this post shows the simplicity of playing the game and the swing. It is outside of the box coaching but it works for EVERYONE I’ve coached.

A huge culprit of the mass confusion and over coaching is YouTube. I fix 25-30 YouTube swings a month and each one of the students is so confused and lost I am amazed they can hit the ball. YouTube videos are invaluable for marketing and getting a coaches name out there, but that doesn’t mean the information will make you better. My industry has become effect driven not cause driven which is completely backwards. I see instructors watching a YouTube video and then teach that exact video to a student. I watch this happen A LOT! 

Instruction, coaching and teaching is an art form that must be maintained through study and education. Some instructors are artists(which is a natural talent) and others are simply salesmen. Understanding the difference between an instructional expert and a guy or gal that lives on the course is so important. It does matter who coaches you and your kids and I’m not afraid to say it. I have friends and coaches that I recommend across the country others I will give an honest assessment. If an instructor gives complicated info right away and doesn’t address the Big 4(Grip, Posture, Ball Position, Aim/Alignment)every lesson it is a red flag. Fundamentals are the key and so is simplicity. Search out your coach, find one with good reviews and focus on simple teaching. I have a few sayings I live and coach by. Play Golf And Live Life In The Fairway. The other is Improve, Embrace and Matter. If you want to know more info on those mantras don’t hesitate to ask.

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