Playing Golf Swing vs. Playing Golf

Apr 06, 2019

I had six new students on my lesson tee the past 10 days. Four came from the same local instructor and the other two came from Nevada.

What I saw and heard from the local students was very concerning! The four local students had the terrible swing disease of dragging the handle, driving the hips and trying to flatten the shaft. They were also very spinny/twisty with their upper bodies. It wasn’t a mystery why they were struggling. They were in pursuit of the perfect swing. What is more concerning is the fact they paid hard earned money to learn and they didn’t understand the why of what they were being taught.

The two students from Nevada were in pursuit of playing golf and not learning “the perfect swing”. They knew the perfect swing didn’t exist and they were open to a total system reset and learning correctly. They have followed me for a couple years and one of them is a member of my website. They understood my perspective and approach. Physics and utilizing forces over opinion. 

I was with them for a couple days and their progress was incredible. They absorbed the new  movement patterns with graciousness and an open mind. They learned new simple concepts, eliminated the destructive cliche info that is taught and understood the game like never before. They were able to translate that to the course right away and stopped to play in St. George on their way home. They shot their best rounds in years and fell back in love with the game.

Now going back to the local students they had been taught every cliche regarding the swing. They had no idea about the why regarding what they had been taught. They each told me their swing looked prettier than before. But, their scores were getting worse. One of them said, “If, my golf swing is good shouldn’t I shoot lower scores?”. I said “You would think that, but that isn’t always the case.” I watched all four hit shanks, blocks, flip hooks, produce the dreaded chicken wing and hold their backs due to pain. I asked if they were up for some change that would make them better in a couple weeks, not months. One was hesitant but the other three were all for it. 

My first lesson was all about erasing their brainwashing and getting them on the right track. They are starting with small swings and working towards the longer swings. 

This brings me to my point. Are you playing golf swing or are you playing golf? That is a question you should ask yourself when you are on the lesson tees and on the course. Once you understand what you are trying to accomplish(which should be playing golf). You will start playing better right away.

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