Golf Should Be Simple

Nov 18, 2020

The game of golf should be simple. It is a hand eye coordination game that your brain and body understand how to play. But somewhere along the way from the beginning of instruction to now chaos ensued and golfers were flooded with information and eventually were so messed up mentally they couldn’t hit a ball. They truly had paralysis by analysis.

Golf is simply hitting the ball while controlling the face and letting your body move instinctively to accommodate the forces being applied throughout the motion. Yet every 6 months to a year a new secret is revealed or a new swing that will revolutionize the game when the truth is there is NOTHING new when it comes to the golf swing. Everything has been tried, studied, analyzed and promoted. Yet golfers still line up for the latest and greatest when it is an approach that has been around since the early 1900’s. Golfers want the magic pill that doesn’t exist. 

In my camp golfers are finding out the magic pill is fundamentals, releasing the club correctly and using their hands to play the game. Simple and very effective that goes against the mainstream of coaching. Coaching that requires a new glossary, countless moves, proprietary money making training aids and a marketing scheme that is frankly genius. I’ve seen it, studied it and unserstand the appeal. Then you come back to my camp and it is do steps 1-4 and you will be playing better...GUARANTEED! Golfers will think there needs to be more to the game because they’ve been brainwashed for years to think so. When it truly is grip the club correctly, get setup correctly, learn to deliver the clubhead correctly and practice correctly. I remember the stop the insanity woman from years ago and golf instruction needs one those to pop up and wake golfers up. Golf should be simple and yet instructors make it so hard for beginners and intermediate players they wonder why they leave. I have friends who are teaching geniuses and they all tend to lean towards the side of simplicity. It leads me to ask why are we as a society trying to simplify everything but golfers try to complicate a game that is simple at its core?

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