Stop Playing Golf Swing

Oct 18, 2020

I’ve watched a concerning trend regarding golfers and how they are approaching the game. Golfers are playing golf swing, not golf. Now in this era of information overload golfers aren’t improving at the rate that they should be. In fact a lot of golfers are getting worse. They are caught between different philosophies which shows up as them chasing positions out on the course and trying multiple swings throughout a round. That is not an effective or efficient way to learn or improve at the game of golf. If you are focusing on positions and technique while playing you are beating yourself. I see golfers doing this day in and day out and not reaching their golfing potential.

The best way to improve is to find a coach you like who has a clear cut process and game plan in place. You should be working on your swing and fundamentals at home so you are ready to play golf when you get to the course. Golfers who practice at home fine tuning their swing play better when the tee it up.

I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Am I trying multiple swings during a round?
  2. Am I constantly practicing technique in between shots?
  3. Do I have a plan on how to attack a course?
  4. Am I using my time at home to practice?

If you answered yes to the first two questions or no to the last two I can help you improve and improve significantly. We will get you on a clear game plan to help you build a swing that is repeatable and doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. Let’s get you playing golf and not golf swing.




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