Teaching And Coaching Juniors

Nov 17, 2019

Teaching and coaching junior golfers is truly an art form. I have some friends across the country that are artists. James Hong, Michelle Holmes, Sasha Catron, Jay Brick, Tom Patri and Barry Goldstein. Each one of coach listed are not only great instructors they are great people. They make learning fun and that is what makes a great junior instructor. 

Now here is the issue I see week in and week out. Parents, grandparents  and unfortunately inexperienced teachers trying to teach junior golfers with no knowledge or understanding of how to do it. That is very frustrating on my part because I can see the junior player giving up and getting discouraged. Here is some great advice...Do some research, look at reviews and find an instructor that will help your junior player fall in love with the game. It is an art form so find the correct artist.

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