About me

I believe in simple and effective instruction based around your natural athletic instincts. Combining that with unlimited video coaching you will play the best golf of your life. I’ve seen incredible improvement from members around the globe adopting my strategy.

I grew up in northern Utah playing every sport I could. I loved sports and when I found golf after graduating it was a match made in heaven. My friends taught me some very good fundamentals and after my first pure shot I was hooked. I began playing good golf shortly after picking the game up. Unfortunately I had my game derailed by poor concepts which led to years of frustration and walking away from the game. After giving my first lesson my game came back and I’ve been on a mission to save golfers from going doing the same road I did. I’ve been called “one of the up and coming pga instructors” and “a simple and brilliant teaching mind.” Find out for yourself why my student portfolio has grown significantly

My Methods

My method for coaching is based around the Lever System to generate speed and accuracy. My approach has been successful around the world for players of all ages and abilities.  

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