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“A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream.” - Herm Edwards

I've never met a golfer who doesn’t want to hit the ball better, shoot lower scores and enjoy their time on the course more. The only problem is the majority of golfers don’t have a game plan for that type of improvement. They implement a tip they picked up from a random person, a golf magazine or a playing partner that leads to more frustration and higher scores. It seems golfers wanting to improve are on a continuous roller coaster of band-aids, bad tips that don’t apply to them and frustration. Here is where my Swing By The Hour system comes in.

I designed this system to help EVERYONE! It doesn't matter a players ability level or age it will make them better and that is exactly what is happening! Read what subscribers and students are saying:

”This system is incredible! It simplified everything and gave me a plan to improve. I was hitting the ball better after one week of practice.” - Tyler L.

"This instruction works!" - Kyle W. 

"Shot my lowest score in two years after a month of using your Swing By The Hour approach. Great stuff." - Tammy L.

"I used this to teach my 10 year old son and he hits the ball great! Thank you for a simple and effective approach." - James R. 

My life is the game of golf and my passion is helping everyone play better. That is exactly what my programs do. Don't wait become a member on my online academy and take advantage of the free trial. 




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